September 28, 2009

Bear Mountain

I went to Bear Mountain today to kick off the Fall season. I took some pictures from the top. In the last one you can see Manhattan in the distance. Fun stuff.

September 21, 2009

Trust Me Scene

This is the only scene in the short film Trust Me that I shot. The rest was shot by Shan Huang and the entire short was cut by Taylor Williams. It is also the only scene in the short that is hand-held. I also sound mixed the sucker. I had no control over the choice of music. Anyway, this thing was shot on an HVX with a 35mm lens adapter. When the adapter was working correctly the footage looked pretty good.

I have also decided I am quitting show business and joining a traveling circus. We're going to hit all the major cities. I will be performing as Stevonius: King of the Lions: Kings of the Jungle®. I will be logging my efforts to bond with my new feline work associates. Here is a picture so you can get an idea of the dangers I am working with here:

September 5, 2009

Trust Me Premier

Here's the cast and crew of the short film "Trust Me." The crew being me and my two friends Shan and Taylor. I'm the tall, awkward guy all the way on the right...the one who doesn't know quite where to be or what to do with his body.

We went on stage after the first screening for a short Q&A. I was surprised nobody asked me anything about the sound recording or mixing. "Was that real wind?" Oh, wouldn't you like to know. Anyway, it was a strange experience. I don't want to say anything bad about the film...the sound could have been better.