October 25, 2009

Inaction In Action


I told a friend that I would try to write an entry after two drinks. I then realized two-drink Steve probably wouldn't write anything...he'd just stare longingly at a wall and make everyone uncomfortable.

However, I feel two or three days without sleep yields similar head-space. So maybe after I write and edit down some thoughts I will post them. Maybe.

I've also been trying to write a few short stories. It is taking a while. None of them have a point. Does that mean something? Exercises in worthlessness.

Anywho, just a heads-up on that.

This whole island smells like fast food. Sometimes I want to move to Vermont. I could be that interesting recluse who may or may not have been famous. They'd publish my journal someday after I died. Lit majors would swap interesting facts about me: "I read that he never ate solids, he only drank tea." "I heard he would train his cats to act out his plays. I love him." That'd be something.

Personal question of the week: Why do I create dialogue for moments I know will never happen?

Favorite pick up line of the week: Do you like ant-farms?


darcie wilder said...

I read the last paragraph as referential to the second to last paragraph. I hope that was intentional.

Because of paragraph three I will definitely be keeping you to your word. No excuses!

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