January 28, 2010

Cards I Have Drawn

I always draw cards for birthdays and holidays for some reason:

My parents won't accept a store bought card because they like the hand drawn ones. Jokes on them because the drawn ones are becoming more and more terrible. What do you think now, Mom? What do you think of your wonderful son now?

Anyway, I found a handful of them and decided to post them. I don't know the years of these, but none of them are that recent. I guess the simpler/ better drawn ones came later than the others...you get the idea. I posted them in no logical order. The cover images are on the left and the inside images are on the right. One of them is written as my dog Max. One is written to my grandpa, who lives in Florida. I'm not exactly sure why I have it here. Enjoy.


jess goodwin said...

Looooove these.

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