August 19, 2010

Amazing New Stuff

Well blogger, it's been a while. All of you are probably thinking, "Steve is so talented and amazing...I'll bet the only reason he hasn't updated his blog is because he's risen to the top tier of society and is far too busy for the likes of us." And by "all of you" I mean "none of you." And by "none of you" I mean "probably nobody will read this."

Banking on that, here are some things I have been doing and some things I am planning to do:

First off, I am moving to Prospect Heights on the 1st. So...that's exciting.

Here is a video Dan, Mike and I made for Landline. DISCLAIMER: Naked ass involved.

Lastly, I recently had to sit in the New Rochelle city court to deal with a traffic ticket. It didn't get resolved. I don't think anyone has a pleasant experience in places like that. There were a lot of babies crying and people yelling in Spanish. Anywho, I've been messing around with flash and thought it might be fun to animate the experience...with minimal moving parts. Here's something I did in 2 minutes:

Click it, he blinks! The character wouldn't necessarily look like that. It's just a quick doodle. Also, I've been doing a lot of freelance stuff...just figured out the whole moving situation. Now you're all up to speed. All of you. Everyone in the world.


Emily Tomasik said...

Hey! I read your post!! And I laughed out loud probably 4 or 5 times! I super like your hairy ass video, and the flash thing is super cool! I really want to learn how to use flash but it looks so hard and scary. Good job! And congrats on the big move!

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